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Broad beans

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I planted my first lot of broad bean seeds in October. They were about 2" high and were eaten at soil level. I have now planted two more lots, starting some in my greenhouse. I have covered them in ripple plastic tunnels, but again some of them have been eaten at soil level. It can't be birds. Any suggestions? My son said he had heard you could use flour in amongst the plants? Anyone heard of this? I will try it - watch this space!



Pigeons or Rabbits?

26 Feb, 2009



26 Feb, 2009


Slugs/snails are just getting active. I've found a few looking very lively under shelters (cloches) in my garden. They are hungry. And I mean HUNGRY. I doubt pigeons or rabbits. Could be mice but if I was a bookie I would offer odds on sluggy things appearing for the first time since OCTOBER - lol. Get the beer traps down if you are organic and get the bait AND the beer traps down if you are not. The good news is - it is a sign that SPRING is coming, so get ready to repel invaders.


26 Feb, 2009


Pleeeeease don't use slug pellets tho'!!!! I saw on the BBC Gardening Wildlife prog. that the hedgehogs eat the slugs that have eaten the pellets and it kills them!!! Sob!!! Could you not also put sharp stones or crushed egg shells round the plants? I know that also helps! Thanks for reading me!!!

26 Feb, 2009


i suspect this is mice. they do this to mine too. i now grow them beans not mice, in pots until 6" tall then plant them out.

26 Feb, 2009


Mice! I brought broad bean seeds from Britain hoping to get a crop going, but mice got to the packet of seeds before I could even open it! I think they can smell them from 1,000 miles away!

27 Feb, 2009


I start mine in loo roll tubes Seaburngirl. Again to about 6-8" and then just pop them in the soil tube and all. Never had problems, apart from slugs.


27 Feb, 2009


Cloches made from the top half of clear plastic bottles may help - the pouring hole lets air in during the day and you can screw the lid back on at night until the plants are big enough to be left alone by vermin.

28 Feb, 2009

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