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pampas grass


By Thumbs

United Kingdom Gb

how short should it be cut back and when ?



Doesn't matter Thumbs. Welcome to GOY. You couldn't kill pampas grass with a nuclear bomb. The usual question we get is 'How do I get rid of it?' I have 4 different types and I just let them go until they are too big and then burn off. (Not advisable if it is near the house.) So do it at your convenience.


23 Feb, 2009


I agree with John, I trim back small ones round the bottom, so that the leaves don't get in the mower. Burn larger ones every 3 or 4 years.
I see how that reads John, I decided to leave it to give you a chuckle.

23 Feb, 2009


If you want to cut it back, then anytime from now up to mid March would be ideal.

23 Feb, 2009


As already stated, let your pyromania run wild it will love you forever.

23 Feb, 2009


Be very careful though, the leaves have backward facing barbs. You can stick your hand/arm in the clump, no trouble, but when you take it out.....................blood.
Remove the spent flower stems and dead fronds every year and cut down/burn every fourth. We have 9 big clumps!

23 Feb, 2009


What's the problem with blood Owdboggy as long as it's not yours?

23 Feb, 2009


It is not so much the blood as the pain the blood letting engenders!

24 Feb, 2009


burning them is good but dangerous. i did it to the first in a row of 7. its very impressive as it sends up huge flames. i watched the first one burst into flames it was great...but then like a bushfire the fire soon jumped to the next...then the next........i had to run for the hose pipe before it got to the overhead i do the chop with gloves on now...;-))

24 Feb, 2009

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