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what is happening to my orchid


By Queenie

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I've had this beautiful phalaenopsis which has flowered for 3 years, it's in flower now but the leaves are getting pale, withered and limp - what have I done? I haven't moved it it lives in the bathroom - don't think it's overwatered and I feed it occasionally ... Help!



How is the condition of it's roots?

23 Feb, 2009


Did you get another email from me?
The roots are mostly healthy looking green and plump. but some are very thin and shrivelled - they have climbed out of the original pot and into an outer pot which I filled with stone chips - I didn't expect it to live beyond the first blooming - so now I don't think I can extracate them - sorry this is getting so complicated, but you are obviously an expert and I can't find answers anywhere else... your pics are amazing - and what a great website! Q

23 Feb, 2009


Queenie.....When this happened to mine I had to take it out of its pot, trim away all the rotten roots (and there were a lot) and repot it into a better potting mix. Mine was just potted in moss originally. The new mix is much better. It is a mix of moss, bark, charcoal and perlite. It allows much better air circulation to the roots. My orchid is making a slow recovery.

24 Feb, 2009


Hi Gilli - Thanks for the advice, I think I must try to repot as I really don't want to lose my plant but it's in flower at the moment. I haven't repotted in 3 yrs, so can I do it now?I'm pretty sure I can get a good mix at the local garden centre

24 Feb, 2009


If it's that poorly, the sooner you re-pot it, the better, Queenie!

Good luck - I hope you can nurse it back to health.

24 Feb, 2009


I think you will have to sacrifice the flowers Queenie. I had to do that too. :o(
Still, better to save the plant for future flowering. Good luck with it.

24 Feb, 2009

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