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Hi all,

Hopefully someone can give me some advice. I have a number of very old apple and pear trees in my garden. One of the apple trees (the only eating apple I have) has had a number of branches on one side of the tree die back. In the spring/summer it grows a large fungus on one side near the base.
I have cut it back quite drastically to approx 1/3rd of it`s height, but I`m concerned that the fungus will probably kill it.
Is this treatable, if so, what do I treat it with and how is this done.

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If the fungus is near the base I think you may be best removing the whole tree as it's obviously in bad shape. You need to cut out any branches that have fungus growing on them, so unfortunately if it's on the base of the trunk you need to remove it all with as much of the root as possible too. Sorry.

28 Feb, 2009


Oh dear, poor tree, it sounds terminal!
The fungus is a large fan shaped (orange/brown) one about a foot off the base. No fungus on any of the branches.
I suppose I could try cutting it down to below the fungus level and see if it puts out any shoots?


2 Mar, 2009

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