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What happens with these two plants?


By Lupita

NY, United States Us

I've bought these two little plants at Ikea two weeks ago. Very soon, their leaves started to get black and they're obviously dying. They are indoors, at a bright windowsill, not directly exposed to the sun.
Do you know what happens?
By the way, do you know what the name of these plants is?




It looks like a type of bromeliad with the 'cup' in the centre.As it's such a dark green it would probably prefer to be in a shadier position.Also has it been watered too much from below ? They need to be watered into the 'cup' and kept drier in the pot. Did you get any instructions with it,I wish more places did then we wouldn't have so many problems !!

22 Feb, 2009


I don't water my Urn plants into the 'cup' as the last time I did the water turned stagnant.. They don't seem to be very fussy plants.

I don't know which bromeliad this is but you'l probably find that (if it survives) it will eventually send up a flower spike in the middle. Once the flower dies off the plant will create several baby plants from the base and the host plant will die. The baby plants will then take a few years or so to flower again.

22 Feb, 2009

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