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I have a norway spruce in a small garden which is about to be removed. Will other plants grow in the soil or will the drop of needles over several years have contaminated the soil. I know they are acidic.


By Phillp

United Kingdom Gb

Norway spruce was planted in the garden by previous resident. It has now grown to about 18 ft.We want to remove and plant a cordaline in its place. will the soil be contaminated by the fall of needles over the years.?



I'm sure it'll be fine, but I would still add a generous amount of fresh, gritty multi-purpose compost into the hole when planting your cordyline to freshen things up a little.

22 Feb, 2009


'Norway spruce' - Not sure about the needles but I sure wish you were close to my house so I could take the Norway spruce....! I'm looking for tall stuff to plant as screening at our back fence. Pity!

22 Feb, 2009

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