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england, United Kingdom

hi will onions grow in a grow bag and is there any other veg which will grow well thanks to all replys



Root vegetables aren't best suited to being grown in grow bags as they need depth and space to develop properly.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers are better suited for them. You could also put some Strawberries in them too.

20 Feb, 2009


Sweet bell pepper work well too.

21 Feb, 2009


As Redboyz says, onins need a bit of depth as the roots go down quite a way. I am restricted for open ground, so I grow my onions in large tubs. I also grow leeks and garlice, as well as potatoes in my large tubs. I have just used the last of last years onions and am still using the garlic.

Other long rooted crops I grow in tubs are carrots and beetroot. Lettuce, rads and spring onions grow well in shallower troughs



21 Feb, 2009

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