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Well, tomorrow i get my 8x6 greenhouse ( 2nd hand for £70.00), im hoping to have it ready to use by the weekend, but knowing me i`ll have it up and running in a few days, i will be siting it on the slabbed area in the photo. Im like a kid on Xmas eve for god sakes :) Wish me luck !



Hi Peedee,
Great news, the best of luck getting it together and enjoy.

17 Feb, 2009


Brilliant Peedee.....Grow to it..............

17 Feb, 2009


hi peedee

good luck ,Have you built one before?

17 Feb, 2009


thats a great price for it peedee

17 Feb, 2009


Thanks everyone............i bought it from a guy 50 miles away, tho i deliver goods in the area that he stays on a weekly basis, so i traveled up and collected all the glass, cleaned it ( with help from the mrs ) and im collecting the frame ( still built ( and putting into my Lorry ( HGV )), so no rebuilding to do, just levelling and placing the glass in !!

Happy Days :))

17 Feb, 2009


what a steal Peedee! enjoy all the benefits. you'll never know how you managed with out it. the only problem will be it wont be big enough :-)

17 Feb, 2009


you can buy spare glass clips at the B&Q at EK if u need em

17 Feb, 2009


oh you are so lucky, a greenhouse is on my wish list.

17 Feb, 2009


great time to get it you have the whole growing season

17 Feb, 2009


Well! whats happening Peedee?

Did you get it?
Have you put it in place yet?
Can you get us a photo?

18 Feb, 2009


Hi all,

IN Typical peedee fashion, i have sited the greenhouse and fitted all the glass,i just need to get power to it for the heater, im going to be making my own benches for inside as im not that keen on the ones i got with it, so all going well i should be up and running by Sunday.

Maccrimmon, pics will follow :-)

Thanks to all for your support...............


18 Feb, 2009

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