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do you need to shade the roots of montana rubens



Hi Sunshines. I do and always have done so. Some I have covered with shallow gravel and some with small geraniums. Never tried it any other way.

17 Feb, 2009


It helps as they like a cool root run, but only until they are established, after that they do not need shade as much. Do not use pieces of slate as sometimes suggested. They are perfect homes for Clens worst enemies, the snails. Better to use a small shrub or a plant as suggested.

17 Feb, 2009


Have always planted mine with shade from shrubs but i notice that my montana 'elizabeth' has a stem that has rooted in an area that gets the only hot sun of the day. clearly it hasnt read the books!

17 Feb, 2009


I don't think montans are very fussy to be honest, mine has been in 3 different places one in full sun and another in partial shade and both places it romped away!

17 Feb, 2009

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