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i have been given some hyacinth bulbs do you yhink it is to late to plant them thanks



You'll have to plant them or they'll sprout or rot off. Put them in pots with the neck of the bulb protruding from the compost.They might flower a little later than normal but then revert to normal next year. You can plant them in the garden after flowering, although they are never as good in later years.

16 Feb, 2009


yes plant them now, straight in the ground if you want. Personally i prefer them 2 years down the line as they just seem less blousy and I always dead head the spent flowers and give then a mulch of well reotted compost to build the bulb up for next year.

16 Feb, 2009


If you want to see flowers this year, plant in a bowl shaped pot with compost and horticultural grit mixed in it. Keep the bulbs one third proud of the soil level and cover the soil with horticultural grit, keep indoors and they will flower for you. When the flowers have finished and the leaves are still there you can put the pot outside. The bulbs will need the leaves to gather as much light as possible (photosynthesis) to ensure they flower next year. When the leaves have died down, you can plant the bulbs in the garden in Autumn where you want them to grow. Plant them about 4 times the height of the bulb.

17 Feb, 2009

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