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I have an upcoming wedding and i would like to know the best way to store and transport calla lilies? how long are they good for after cutting?


By Jo2dlr

Philippines Ph

how long will my calla lilies last without browning after cutting them?



The person on the site to ask is majeekahead, who is a florist. Find her by typing her name into the search box (top right) and you can send her a message.

16 Feb, 2009


Ahhh now i understand.... i have sent you a message back Jo2dlr, but just incase anyone else is wondering...vase life (if cared for properly) of calla lillies can be 3 weeks. but flowers will be at there best after 3-4 days of being cut and conditioned. the trick is tall vase, small amount of water - no more than an inch, change the water regually, every 2-3 days, and each time you do cut the end of the stem - preferably to just above the water level which will prevent the stem from turning to mush - this does mean that you end up with a short stem by the time it dies but some really interesting arrangements can be made with shorter stems. they will be fine out of water while transporting for a few hours as long as they have been conditioned properly, the important thing is to prevent any damage to the stem while in transit. it is also advisable to suport wire calla lillies for bridal work. hope this helps

23 Feb, 2009

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