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By Juliano

Nottingham, United Kingdom Gb

i use chicken pellet manure when is it the best time to put it on ur garden, bone mean same question and also blood fish and bone ... did i miss anything else that i need to put in the soil



I use chicken manure pellets mixed up in my compost to back-fill when I plant anything from spring onwards. Blood, fish and bone I use to sprinkle round the root areas of anything, really, after pruning, but especially my Clematis at this time of year... and roses in March. A handful of bonemeal goes into the bottom of the planting holes of shrubs and trees

That's what I do - other members may do something different!

Oh - and well-rotted manure gets dug into the area where I am going to plant sweet peas, but I do that in the autumn. I also spread a layer of compost over all the beds when they have been tidied for the winter. Roses love manure as an early spring boost - but don't let it touch their stems.

16 Feb, 2009


I also use Chicken Pellet Manure Julain & Hoe it in2 my Boarders In March Begining of Spring & New Plant Growth :)

16 Feb, 2009


I throw loads of chicken pellets around when the weather permits in early spring and then again in mid summer, then hoe in. I also, like Spritz, use bone when planting and I throw handfuls around all summer. I'm not sure that there are any hard and fast rules. Why is there a picture of Victor Meldrew in 'Related photos'? Anybody know? Lol.


16 Feb, 2009


Victor is an example of the rather over-use of bone meal!!

16 Feb, 2009

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