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I have frozen some vegs from last years allotment but although the runner beans and brussels were fresh when frozen their taste is just not right when cooking. Tried blanching and not blanching to no avail any tips on successfully freezing veg? The fresh


By Opia

essex, United Kingdom Gb

Hope i can get losts of ideas/



well you should part cook them.i dont think all food takes well to freezing.if they taste funny they could be freezer burned

12 Feb, 2009


I find over cooking can spoil frozen veg. Try after putting them into boiling water bring back to boil and turn off heat. Let them stand for a few minutes and then taste them.

12 Feb, 2009


It could be slightly wish to offend, I freeze all my spare crops even tomotoes halved for winter casseroles and also made up into portions of pasta sauce cooked with onions garlic basil and oregano.. Never had a problem with funny taste that I you make the bags as airtight as possible?.

12 Feb, 2009


I agree with the consensus. I never blanch, or part cook veg before freezing and I've never had any weird tastes so I think you are probably not packing properly. Even when frozen, as Milky says, taste transfers between packages if they are not air tight, and as Leigh says, you get freezer burn. Try double wrapping all veg. (and meat and ESPECIALLY, fish) in the freezer and make sure all air is excluded from packets.


12 Feb, 2009


After cooking your frozen runner beans,try adding a little butter and black pepper.( after straining) I have tried both blanching and direct freezing but find they need a little extra attention than when cooked fresh from the garden.
I do the same with brussel sprouts.

12 Feb, 2009


Thanks guys it would seem i think that storing and cooking is the problem will try your suggestions

12 Feb, 2009


it will work meat is more obvious when it gets freezer burned than vegatables,it goes realy pale and gets lighter in weight

12 Feb, 2009


Runner beans ,in our experience, do not freeze well anyway. Broad beans are first class for freezing. We always slightly blanch them and hardly cook them from frozen ,to eat.

13 Feb, 2009


i like raw veg but not keen on salad i know i got big ears but there not that long lol

13 Feb, 2009

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