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Hello All. Im back again. My plants are doing great. I have put my tomatoe plants into grow bags and they are doing well but I have a question. My Cucumber, Asparagus and Sweetcorn are also thriving but is it ok to put them into grow bags too? Also do my cucumber plants need canes? Many thanks in advance.



Your asparagus needs to be in the ground as it is a perennial vegetable, you can't even crop it for a few years.

Sweetcorn too really need to be in the ground as it will grow up to 6 foot in height and wont be stable in a gro bag.

Cucumbers should be fine and you can just let them sprawl - remember they are a vine so will grow rapidly

10 Aug, 2011


cucumbers can need support of some sort . i cant say i know the rest but im sure you can put them in grow bags and last but not least hello im back lol .

10 Aug, 2011


Sweetcorn are best in the ground and you need to block plant for polination purposes.

10 Aug, 2011


Block planting is planting in a square rather than a row (just in case you didn't know) If your sweetcorn is still small enough to move there may not be time for it to produce cobs before the cold weather but nothing venture nothing win.

10 Aug, 2011


Many thanks everyone. :) Much appreciated.

14 Aug, 2011


your more than welcome castle .

14 Aug, 2011

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