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My very large, over 20 year old eucalyptus tree has become distressed after the second hard winter here in N Cumbria. The initial browning of the leaves has spread to almost all the tree now, just a few green leaves left on top. This tree supports a healthy rambling rose. Over the summer there has been fresh regrowth at one side at the base of the trunk, ground level. What action should I take to limit damage to the tree and surrounding property before the winter winds - leave it, cut it down, cut back so far to support rose, will it sprout again if cut back eg like pollarding?



If the browning has increased over spring and summer, creeping up the tree so to speak, I'd be inclined to cut the tree down to the ground, back to where the new growth is coming from at the base. Clearly the roots are functioning, but the top/trunk has been damaged by the winter. These plants respond very well to this treatment - I grow it as a shrub here, by cutting it down to about 6 inches every March and letting it grow on till the following year.
I realise this may mean providing some other support for the rose, but you're in danger of the trunk collapsing if its dying upwards.

10 Aug, 2011


plus eucalyptas are one of the tallest trees on the planet and very quick growing plus even in a healthy state have a habit of getting blown over . id agree with bamboo and keep it short at least or get rid of it myself .

10 Aug, 2011


Agree too, all the eucalyptus round here have been killed off due to last winter, but each one has new basal growth, so cutting down is needed for safety reasons.

10 Aug, 2011

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