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Like many gardeners i have bought too many seeds, some of which i don`t think i`ll bother sowing, my question - is there a site were seed swapping takes place ? or could it happen here ? Maybe we need a catagory here called ` Seed Station ` were gardeners can request certain seeds for swapping, i know i have plenty i no longer require, What does everyone think ??




GoY has a Seed Exchange page, to find it click on the 'Garden Plants' tab at the bottom of the page and scroll to the bottom where you will find the tab for ''Seed Exchange'.

8 Feb, 2009


I never knew that Xela... Duh...

8 Feb, 2009


you learn something every day thats handy nice one thats a handy tip lol

8 Feb, 2009


There's also if you haven't found it already....

27 Feb, 2009


so is that lupin lol thanx

27 Feb, 2009

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