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Moles !!!

Herts, United Kingdom Gb

Our lovely lawn looks like d-day landings and someone has lobbed grenades at it,the little blighters seem to have dug daily and most mornings we wake up to more mole hills!



Sometime last year I read that moles were in short supply! But you have got plenty and there are loads around here - all the roadside verges are full of them. Don't know much about them - perhaps somebody out there knows whether they dig mole hills at this time of year? And does one mole make lots of mole hills?

8 Feb, 2009


Yes they are looking for worms in the loose soil. 1 mole makes lots of runs and then they make a big Mole hill where they are building a nest. I should collect the soil ,it is lovely for compost as it is nearly weedfree. press down the tunnels and possibly stick toy plastic windmills in appropriate parts of lawn , unless you want to trap and kill them. They will stop later, If you have ever held one you won 't want to kill them.

8 Feb, 2009


Top dress your lawn with the soil after the moles have gone. As Poaannua says, windmills and empty bottles for the wind to blow through. You can put moth balls in their runs. I agree about not wanting to kill them, their feet work like paddles and their fur is soft as silk.

8 Feb, 2009


Agree with both Poaannua and Doctorbob.

8 Feb, 2009

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