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By Smoo

South Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Having trouble deciding what to plant in difficult area of my garden :(
I'm looking for something to plant along the length of my shed to hide the gap underneath it. Ideally something wildlife friendly but not too fussed in this particular area. It's shaded for most of the day, it gets some morning light at the end of the shed but no direct sunlight for the rest of the day (light shade?) and we have heavy clay soil which doesnt help as the rain water falling off the shed lands directly in the area i want to plant, so its quite moist although i wouldn't say it gets waterlogged as it all drains away quite quickly.

I was thinking of the dwarf sweet box (sarcococca humilis) to make a kind of hedge along the shed although the shade wouldnt be a problem im not sure if the soil and dampness would upset it? Or box. I cant quite decide. If anyone has any ideas id be very grateful :)

Also, forgot to say :s
I'm planning on making a little pathway to the compost bin at the end of the shed so cant have anything that will be spreading out in all directions too much! Space is at a premium! :o



Sarcococca varieties would be a good choice for such an area - remember that most of them sucker though, apart from S.confusa.

10 Aug, 2011


if your sheds at the end of your garden why dont you put up some nice fence pannels in front of the shed and the other side do the same but put it in front of and overlapping the first one . then when you look at it from your house it will just look like a fenced of garden . i hope you know what i mean and it does depend wear your shed is ofcourse . you could use any panneling including trelles and climbers on it perhaps .

10 Aug, 2011


Although box would look good be wary of it, as there are a couple of problems with it spreading through the country.
If the drips from the shed would fall directly on your plants this could cause problems. Would it be possible to plant far enough away for the drips to miss the foliage?
How about some trellis instead, with a climber ? Or if you want something low you could have a row of evergreen hardy geraniums but ask a geranium expert which varieties. (Spritzhenry?)

10 Aug, 2011


great minds steragram lol x .

11 Aug, 2011


Thanks everyone for the replies :) I think i'm going to go with the dwarf sarcococca. I can't really block the shed off because it's such a small garden and because of the light issues i don't think many things will grow there like climbers etc :(

Thanks everyone for your great ideas though :) I'm on a mission to find this plant now.... Seems to be a hard one to find around my area :S

11 Aug, 2011


your welcome

11 Aug, 2011

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