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There were some instructions recently concerning the care of Lily bulbs and winter storage i.e. feed the bulb weekly until the leaves die down, then remove and store in peat. Do these methods also apply to Tulip and Daffodil bulbs ? We all seem to buy a lot of bulbs every Autumn then lose them.



Yes next spring after they have flowered you should feed them weekly until the leaves die back. This is more important when the bulbs are in pots than it is when they are in the ground. If it pots once they've died back you can un-pot and then around this time of year repot, keep them dry whilst they are out of the pot.

9 Aug, 2011


I don't store any bulbs, Diane, but get them back into pots as quickly as possible. Many bulbs start into growth in the autumn although they do not show above the surface until spring/summer.

9 Aug, 2011


Daffodils are best left to naturalise in the ground, although feeding as the flowers fade is a good idea, until the leaves disappear. Tulips tend to fade after a year or two, so lifting those might be worth it. Lilies I never lift either - I only grow hardy ones, and most of them are hardy, and are fine in the ground over winter. May need protection in pots though, to prevent the compost in the pot freezing. Feed lilies from the flowering through to when the leaves fade too. Never cut or tie the leaves of daffodils until 6 weeks have elapsed between the flowers ending and your cutting them back.

9 Aug, 2011


Thank you Moon Grow, Bulbaholic, and Bamboo.
I have printed up your advice and will keep in my file.
from Dianebulley.

11 Aug, 2011


More thinking ! As I have several unused planters of various sizes I now plan to buy new bulbs, plant them with labels, and keep them in the planters permanently.
Put them under the outside staging the rest of the year.
This will enable me to feed them easily as necessary.
Bulbs need plenty of care, the same as other plants.
Spring bulbs are now in the shops, it used to be October. I shall enjoy them more now.
Elephant Garlic practically shrivelled on my allotment, due to the prolonged drought. Think I will do the same with them.
Thank you all, once again, for your help.

12 Aug, 2011

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