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By Dinkydo

County Armagh, United Kingdom Gb

I am moving house within the next few weeks and need some advice when I should start getting my (small) garden into some sort of order. There is a rockery which need lots of tlc and an area beside the garden shed where I would love to have some ornamental grass and perhaps some tall colourful flowers. I am an amateur at this and really appreciate your help :) Thankyou for any advice I received :) I am just in the early stages of planning my garden and realise I wont be able to do much this year other than tidy it up so I need advice on when I should start planning and planting for next year.



It's not as if we are in the middle of a boiling hot summer where moving plants might be risky , so I would start straight away. After all , plants love this mixture of warm and wet weather we are having. And if it does get even warmer just make sure you water regularly.

7 Aug, 2011


Agree with Inverglen. This is ideal weather for moving plants or planting new buys. Get weeding etc immediatly and get the plants in.

7 Aug, 2011


I assume you're making plans for the new garden, not thinking about how you'll leave the old one tidy for the new occupiers?

And the answer for either is "Get stuck in!" :-)

7 Aug, 2011


If you're wanting ideas for colour at this time of year, and tall plants, look at Heleniums - they come in colours ranging from yellow, through orange, tawny to red. Lovely plants - they'd go well with ornamental grasses. :-)) A good ornamental grass that's evergreen is Stipa arundinacea (also known as Anemanthele lessoniana) - or for a really spectacular grass that needs some space, try Stipa gigantea (also evergreen).

7 Aug, 2011

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