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Plum Tree

bucks, United Kingdom Gb

I have a plum tree which did very well 2 year ago so well it was full of fruit but the weight broke the tree in half.i have removed that half but It did not fruit last year should I prune it ?if so how? when?



Hello Monty,
My only nugget of wisdom is that plum trees need to be pruned after they fruit, but still in the growing season, to protect them from ? "bleeding" sap or whatever. Gives them a chance to sort themselves out before shutting down for colder season.
Sorry to be a bit vague on details. I'm sure others on here will give more expert advice!
Maybe when pruning - consider the poor tree not having to carry so much weight next time? Or pick off poorer or diseased fruit. Or organise a prop or support for your tree.

Reference: very good local radio's weekly gardening show, Reg Moule.

1 Feb, 2009


Some plums tend to fruit on a biennial cycle so could be that your tree will do better this year.

2 Feb, 2009


Thanks for the advice yes will not let it carry so much next time.Yes normally has a good second year.

3 Feb, 2009


Thank you for the comments on my garden pictures and the welcome to growsonyou..


3 Feb, 2009

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