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Move magolia plant/ help with name

bucks, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Magnolia plant in my garden which smells of sherbert does anyone know what this is called . It has red/wine coulour flowers.
Also I am thinking of taking it with me when I move pos in a few weeks time is this a good idea or not?



Hi Monty. Sounds like one of the new 'Jury' hybrids from New Zealand but can't be sure which one, I think there are three. Conventional wisdom is that magnolias do not really like being moved and I would have thought that it would certainly not like it in a few weeks time when it is getting all geared up to flower. If you must risk it then take as big a root ball as you can and water it in as soon as possible in it's new home. I am well known for taking risks but that is one I wouldn't do. I would leave it for the new people with my blessings.


2 Feb, 2009


Thanks for the info john. Its of sentimental value as it was given to me by my Grandad who died serveral years ago and my nan now 90 wants me to take it to the new house.
But i think I may have to leave it there for the good of the plant.

3 Feb, 2009

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