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what is it?


By Bedgar

bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I downloaded a photo of both the types of plant that grew from what was sold as GOJI BERRY seeds. Can anyone idemntify the bushy, leafie thing, because I don't think it is a goji berry!




oh no doesn't look like a Goji berry but sorry don't know what it is, bet Andrew will know though. Nice leaf colour

1 Feb, 2009


That is neither L. chinense or L. barberum but like Sewingkilla I can't put a name to it. I have a feeling that I have seen it before and I am sure someone will recognise it. I'm not very good at plant names. Will be interesting to see it identified.


1 Feb, 2009


Looks a bit like Lobelia 'Queen Victoria' foliage.

1 Feb, 2009


It does indeed Wagger. See if it flowers Bedgar.

1 Feb, 2009


The same plant, the one kept in the greenhouse, stayed green

2 Feb, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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