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Can you recommend a Camelia for a north facing wall


By Fixit

United Kingdom Gb

Wall receives almost no sun, soil is acid



Fixit . I have two Camelia . Apollo and a tricolor. Both in large pots
and North facing. Doing well one flowering at the moment . Bought last year so pleased with the result .
hope this will be of help. Davidplym

1 Feb, 2009


Camellias will do well in a north-facing position as long as it is not too exposed. However, the further north you live in the UK, the more sun they need in order to ripen their wood and encourage flowering. What they really dislike is early morning sun as this can thaw frost to quickly in spring and ruin the flowers.
They require a moist, but not waterlogged, acid soil. Two things to be aware of - close to the wall, the soil will be drier than further out in the garden and there may be mortar rubble in the soil which they won't like. Provided your soil is acid, incorporate plenty of organic matter and plant at least a couple of feet away from the wall and they should be fine

1 Feb, 2009

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