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Had lovely reply from telme8, as I am new to the site , now seem to be stuck as to how to reply to a message .I am a novice at this so a talk through would be helpful if anyone has the time I would be grateful Thanks so much .



Right first of all welcome! you can either leave a comment in the box below the photograph you are looking at or if you want to leave a private message, click on the photo that is the persons icon and it will take you to their profile page under their picture is a link that says send a private message, click on that and you can send a message that only they can see. Hope that helps!

1 Feb, 2009


Thank you so much sounds simple so hope you receive this and I can get started on what I am sure is going to be an interesting site .

1 Feb, 2009


I am doing something wrong why do I get the edit on my message when I submit it?

1 Feb, 2009


So you can correct anything you put wrong in the rush to get your message on. (You'll see some of our 'howlers' as time goes on)

1 Feb, 2009


Joeanne I am also new to this so hope you recieve this message . I do know that edit is in case you maybe want to add something else before you send the message . nice to hear from a Devon member we have lived here 30yrs plus and love it here . Feeling part of a lovely bunch of friends already Davidplym

1 Feb, 2009


Hi David - welcome from me, nice to meet you. I am in West Somerset, so not too far from either of you!

1 Feb, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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