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costa del Wales, United Kingdom

how should I prune my 3 variety apple tree after fruiting ?
Its far too heavy with apples this year



I'm afraid a lot of fruit trees do bear heavily one year and not so much the next year or even none at all PPFB. Best time to prune is now, if you can reach easily. Extensions beyond fruit back to 3 leaf axils above. Growths without fruit to 3 leaf axils beyond last years growth. You can thin out fruits at white bud stage or later thin out the sets. The June drop will lose more. I have found apples will outwit me whatever I do. Pears are better behaved and fruit more evenly. Even so I have one pear with no fruit at all and 3 just right and one sparsely fruited. The apples zilch this year!!!!

30 Jul, 2011


Thank you Dorjac x

30 Jul, 2011

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