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i have two planters 3ft x 14ins and want to do a alpine garden,be it very small,any suggestions for very small alpines,i put four what i thought were small alpines and thet completely over ran the planters.Also ,does a kilmarnock willow in a large pot need pruning at all and when



If you go to the bottom of the page and click on A then click on alpines you will see lots of Alpine plants.
It is quite hard to find Alpines that dont spread. I grow these in my Alpine trough and they all stay compact. Sisyrinchium blue or yellow, Armeria maritima rubrifolia, Erodium x kolbianum Natasha, Saponaria ocymoides 'Snow Tip' White Rock Soapwort, Saxifraga 'White Pixie', and Potentillia Alpine Neumanniana

29 Jul, 2011


thanks Drc726 for the alpine tip and varieties, much appreciated

31 Jul, 2011


Your welcome

31 Jul, 2011

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