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I want to start growing seeds in the greenhouse but have not used it for a couple of years what sort of cleaning material should i use to make sure that all the bugs are not going to damage the plants

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Hi Primula and welcome to GOY. Jeyes fluid is the standard one. I mix it at double recommended strength and then spray it all over, leave it over night with the door shut and then the following day swill out with loads of water, because Jeyes fluid is a herbicide and you don't want it killing your seedlings. Others may use different methods but I don't think anybody will argue with using Jeyes.


26 Jan, 2009


no i wouldnt a very hot srtong salty water is the same deal but cheaper and it works on pond and fish tank equipment and reasnably safe

26 Jan, 2009


Are you organic or not?
Jeyes is fantastic for you if you are not into organic gardening, but if you are organic, I would recommend white vinegar or pure alcohol to clean glass. It will get rid of any bugs/eggs and fugus or green slime, but make sure you give it a good swill as if you were using a herbicide as they will also damage plants.

26 Jan, 2009


Yep, salty water is also good, but that will also damage your plants so swill, swill, swill with lots of water!!

26 Jan, 2009


and swill again lol

26 Jan, 2009


Agreeing in theory with the above, but the first thing I would do is take out all the soil, use it as a top dressing on your shrubs. If you scroll back to a question asked on 24th. Jan. this was answered in full. I would use vinegar which will drain down below the root level of anything you wish to plant. At the same time you can check the foundations of your greenhouse. Leave for a week or two before putting new soil in.

26 Jan, 2009


I'd go with the white vinegar myself. Not that I'm organic but with my animals running around I always think its better safe than sorry. But, yes, rinse, rinse, rinse......and when you are finished cleaning out your greenhouse....will you come over and do mine too???? LOL

26 Jan, 2009


salt is also safe with chidren.pets etc

28 Jan, 2009


thanks to everyone for there advise, i have broken my wrist so have not been able to do to much but i have now cleaned my greenhouse with jeysfluid!!!! thanks will have my cast of in 3weeks time so will be able to get going

20 Feb, 2009


good luck

21 Feb, 2009

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