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I have inherrited a monstera, it is week and leggy. Can I take cutting

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How do I do it?



Many years ago, I inherited a very leggy monstera at work and propogated it by air-layering. This is the method I used:
Decide where on the stem you want to propogate from. With a sharp knife, make a sloping cut about one third to half way throught the stem and lodge a matchstick in the cut to hold it open. Wrap the area round the cut with damp moss held in place with a transparent plastic bag tied top and bottom (one of those bags for freezing food is good). After a few weeks, you should see roots growing out of the moss and showing inside the bag, at this point you can remove the bag and moss, cut the stem under the new roots and pot up your new plant.
Good luck

25 Jan, 2009


It's weak and leggy as a result of trying to find sufficient light. So once you've followed Andrew's advice be sure to put it a bright location.

Also, your plant will grow much better and look so much more luxuriant if you locate several pots of compost through the plant as it grows. Remember it's a tropical tree climber so those long tendril roots need to be planted in your pots. Sure they can look 'orrible at first but then the leaves grow a couple of feet in length as a result and soon hide them. I once had a M.delicosa with such leaves as a result of doing this. It got so big I gave it away to Bristol Zoological Gardens.

27 Jan, 2009

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