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Growing delphinium from seed

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I am attempting to grow delphinium from seed for the first time this year. The packet recommended pre-chilling in the fridge for 3 weeks which is almost complete. I am also doing the same for lavender (2 germinated so far in the fridge). Will the delphiniums germinate in the fridge or afterwards in warmer conditions? I'm asking because there's no sign of life yet!!



About two years ago I also grew some Delphiniums from seed. They were Thompson and Morgan "Green Twist". I too kept the seeds in the fridge for the recommended time none germinated in the fridge, Idon't think they are supposed to) then sowed them in the compost and about half of them germinated. I now have four nice Delphiniums in the garden unfortunately the slugs and snails seem to think that I grew them for their own consumption.

25 Jan, 2009


My book suggests they need a temperature of 55F/13C to germinate

25 Jan, 2009


Cold stratification requires not only the fridge but some moisture as well. I use sphagnum moss, which, unless you want quite a bit of it, is difficult to get (I use it mainly for my insectivores and buy it by the 5 kilos). But you can use vermiculite or perlite, or if stuck even damp sand. It needs dampening only a little (if you squeeze it and water comes out it is too wet but if it feels JUST damp it is OK). It is no use just shoving a bag of seeds into the fridge, you may get a small percentage of germination but you want at least 70%. I'm greedy that way. LOL.

You will not of course get any germination in the fridge. That is purely to convince the seeds that it is winter. When they come out it is, of course, spring and they should burst into life at the right temperature. I don't know what that is for delphs but Andrew sounds about right. I sometimes chill some exotics for 4 or 5 months and then bang them up to 25C.


25 Jan, 2009


I always sow D.bellaconna and D.elatum in September at temp.18~20C.They germinate ten days or so. I don't think they need cold stratification .

Breeze from Japan

26 Jan, 2009

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