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when can i start growing delphinium seeds in doors for next years blooms?

somerset, United Kingdom Gb

i have never grown delphiniums from seed but i have had plants from a garden centre. i want to grow my own from seed because i can have much better choice and satisfaction at growing my own from seed.



Delphiniums are easy to grow from seed but germinate more easily in good light. You can sow at any time but late summer or the autumn is a good time as you will get little plants you can overwinter and plant out in the spring for flowering next year.
The common failures in germinating delphinium's seed are keeping the soil too wet, sowing the seed too deeply cover with approximately 1/8" of soil and trying to germinate old seed. Delphinium seed loses its vitality after one year.
Good luck with your delphiniums.

25 Jul, 2009

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