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apple tree bark problem

gloucestershire,gloucester, United Kingdom Gb

the stake whitch was supporting my tree has caused arotting of the bark from rubbing against it i hav cut it out and wrapped a coil of string around the affected area, any answers ,this is its 2nd year and it produced good fruit.

On plant bigalfie



Hi Bigalfie,
String will be too tight as your tree grows. Take it off and put sealglaze tape round the tree. Put the stake back at an angle, 2 feet away from the base on the North side. Use an elasticated tie on the tree.

25 Jan, 2009


thanks but where do you get sealglaze from a garden centre this is new to me thanks again

25 Jan, 2009


Hope you did not remove the bark from a complete circle round the trunk. If you did you will have killed every thing above the cut.
Better than anything and easily available is Arbex Wound paint. Failing that, melted beeswax from a proper old fashioned beeswax candle!

25 Jan, 2009


If you decide you want to get some sealglaze, you can purchase it from garden centres or hardware stores. I have often used it when grafting and for severe wounds in trees. it forms a bandage.

25 Jan, 2009


thank you, i might have killed it there is only a small striip of bark left should i cut it there are only a couple of branches left below. there are plenty of buds remaining on branches above. help

25 Jan, 2009


Not yet, wait and see. Just get that cut protected, one way or another. If the branches above begin to die then you will have to remove everything above the damage, but until then, adopt a wait and see policy.

25 Jan, 2009


many thanks to all of you for your help you have been very helpfull bigalfie oap,

25 Jan, 2009

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