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ref trachelospermum jasminoides

Flintshire, United Kingdom

ref trach...jasminoides.....have purchased 2 plants to cover 2 walls,delivery sometime late oct/nov,thanks for all the help about final question,can one take cuttings from it? or do they produce seeds........mike



Hi Mike...
I have taken cuttings from mine...
not sure about seed ...

I've put comments on your other questions about this too.

23 Jul, 2011


thanks for that info terratoonie,was a little apprehensive at first but am glad you said you can train them,was a little worried about the spread as not a lot of room,so at least can train and prune as it grows thanks for advice cheers...mike

23 Jul, 2011


You've made a good choice...
I can understand why you wanted to ask so many questions because some climbers grow at a frightening rate and get totally out of control, don't they ! :o)))

23 Jul, 2011


In my experience, they rarely make seed, but are fairly easy to grow from cuttings.

23 Jul, 2011


Thanks Tugbrethil ...
Useful info... and I'm pleased to read your knee is on the mend and now you are able to do more gardening. :o)

24 Jul, 2011


Thanks, Terratoonie! Still can only manage a couple of hours in the early morning, though, because of the heat. Horrible mess still to clean up!

24 Jul, 2011


Take it steady with that bionic knee ;o)

25 Jul, 2011

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