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hello again lol . could someone tell me please about my ivy . i realy loved it and the wildlife that came with it however it started growing up onto the roof slates so i decided to not pull it down but just kill it and leave it because of said wild life and i also have a chinese virginia creeper growing in amongst it . i always thaught that if you cut it of from its roots it would die . i cut right threw every main stem so it know longer is joined to its roots in the ground at all .this was about 7-8 weeks ago and thow it hasnt actualy grown much it certanly doesnt look like its dying . is it possible its living of what it holds onto the wall with or does it just take a long time please ?

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I would say that it's living in the fabric of the wall and that you'd have to use repeated applications of weedkiller to the foliage to ever kill the deep roots.

23 Jul, 2011


I'd be wanting to get that quantity of ivy off my wall completely - lord knows what state the brickwork and pointing are in under that.

23 Jul, 2011


We had an ivy causing similar problems to the house. I cut it off at the base and then pulled all the foliage off the wall before applying a stump killer to the roots. It never tried to come back. I can still remember the consternation of the sparrows when they came home to roost that evening and found it had gone.
I think that yours is still taking moisture from the wall via the roots that it uses to attach itself, Noseypotter. I am afraid that I would suggest removing it completely.

23 Jul, 2011


thank you so much everyone its what i thaught but thanx to you i know now . thanx again .

23 Jul, 2011


I don't know about ivy on a wall but when you cut through the main stem of one growing on a tree it does take a long time to die off. It is really hard to get it off when its still green but if its left to go brown and dry it pulls off really easily. and the thicker pieces make really fantastic firelighters! (Gosh, three reallys, that's really too many...)

23 Jul, 2011


really lol . i intend leaving it up there as it goes for the wildlife . thanx for that steragram x .

23 Jul, 2011

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