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just to add a furhter question concerning tracheospermum jasminoides......can it be trained to go left and right ??



If you tie it in as it goes, possibly - unless one side has much less light, in which case it'll always head for the brightest side.

22 Jul, 2011


Sounds like you want to drive them around - like a sled dog team. "Gee" and "haw" are the commands they understand. :-)

22 Jul, 2011


I have several Trachelospermum jasminoides around my garden and I find them a lovely evergreen climber...

You can see them on my GoY photos...

They are less likely to flower if grown in the shade...

...easy to trim to keep the shape and I have trained mine in all directions whether in sun or shade..

I hope this helps.. good luck with yours :o)))

23 Jul, 2011

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