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Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I am new to this and would like some tips for starting a veggie patch - I have grown courgettes and rocket in the past but would like to grow peas, lettuce, peppers etc.
I have dug a patch of lawn and put some homemade compost onto it, where do I start?



Hi Seedling,
Have you dug the turf in from your lawn?. if so make sure it's buried deep. It is too soon to sow in your area at the moment. In mid February tread your ground, rake over, take out a drill and sow Tom Thumb lettuce For first early peas next to the lettuce, take out a shallow trench 6ins. wide and 2 ins. deep, about 2ins. apart. Cover the peas firmly, mice like peas, water over the top with a weak solution of Jeyes fluid. Follow on with other seeds in late March, Beetroot, Carrots etc. Late March later variety of Peas. Cover your drills with peasticks. The Peppers and Courgettes are best from plants purchased in June from your Garden Centre. You may want to plant a few Potatoes in April.

21 Jan, 2009


Now is almost the time to start some seeds off indoors, try tomatoes and winter lettuce too. Broad beans can go in soon too. Buy the 'Expert's guide to veg and herbs' by Dr Hessayon as it's a brilliant easy-read beginners (and experienced!!) guide book.

21 Jan, 2009


Hi Seedling. I'll be following some of Doctorbob's advice! I like to grow peppers from seed. I start them off in a small seedtray indoors, about now, by a north facing window. I like to see things starting to grow while it's still too cold to do much out of doors. I then transfer them to a cold greenhouse, covering them over at night with newspaper or bubble wrap. If you haven't got a greenhouse or conservatory (or a very big windowsill!) you would be better perhaps buying plants later on.
Good luck with your new veggie patch... let us know how it progresses.

21 Jan, 2009

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