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Hi There, I live in close proximity to a small brook which is infested with Himalayan Balsam. I have controlled the spread of this pest to a degree using physical methods but as this is unsatisfactory, not to say exhausting can you suggest a herbicide/weedkiller which will eradicate this vile plant without affecting other indigenous species or indeed the watercourse which, when you can actually see it for balsam is healthy with abundant life. It goes without saying that the local Council appear completely disinterested. many thanks Geoff



I agree - this plant is an absolute menace. We have a stream running through our garden, and I keep them down by pulling the seedlings out as soon as I spot any, as seeds are carried dowstream from the fields - as that's not something you can do -

Here's a link to a useful guide from the Environment Agency, which I hope will help you in your situation.

18 Jul, 2011


Our local River Rom has this plant. The water people used to clear it pretty smartly. At the moment they have allowed an 'island' to form on the bottom of the concrete channel, started by debris, and it is growing this plant. Our dire looking section of river is not managed as well as it used to be. Further up where it's a pretty brook they have left it to bloom and seed. They used to cut it before it seeded. It got a mention on Country file last night....about a search for a natural predator.

18 Jul, 2011


If you intend to use a herbicide near to a watercourse you need to discuss this the local office of the Environment Agency. They will advise you of the legalities of this and also give good advice on what you should use. This is not just bureaucracy but is to ensure the protection of the aquatic life in the water.

18 Jul, 2011


Exactly - that's why I found their guide to dealing with invasive plants near waterways.

18 Jul, 2011

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