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I lost 2 large Torbay Palms last winter, the trunk below the leaves rotted & all the leaf throngs dropped off.
I new that there was a good chance that they would re sprout from lower down but they had got too large & needed to come down anyway.
I cut off to around 6 ft high and left until later as the main trunk was very fiberous and difficult to cut through with my bow saw. I have noticed over the last few weeks a strong smell of vomit in their vicinity, could this be coming from the decaying plant?



possibly, If I were you I would cut the palm right down and let it shoot from the base,That is what I did with mine I had to cut four down two I lost but I managed to save two,it could be yours are to far gone but give it a try anyway.Hope you are successful good luck!

14 Jul, 2011


If there's no sign of regrowth from the base, take them out completely - they've probably got slime flux and should be removed.

14 Jul, 2011


Thanks guys, not too worried about losing them they were getting too large anyway its just the smell!!! you would'nt like to sunbathe next to them.

15 Jul, 2011

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