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i have bought lantana plants from B&Q


By Peddler

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

i have bought lantana plants from B&Q, didnot read the lable fully befor purchesing, noted on the lable ( lasts one season ? ) the plant is well matured, dose this mean it will not flower again.the photo is taken from on holiday in spain.




They are tender perennials and usually treated as annuals as they dont winter well in temperate climates. You have the shorter one so it should flower for a while yet.

14 Jul, 2011


I'm afraid that they are a little on the tender side. They may survive a very mild winter in a sheltered spot.

14 Jul, 2011


You could try bringing it indoors or into a heated greenhouse or conservatory, if you have one. Or take cuttings to overwinter on a windowsill, like fuchsias.

14 Jul, 2011


They are root hardy down to about -4ยบ C, but usually die out completely below that. If you have a sunney window indoors, you could try taking cuttings long enough to sit in a glass of water in fall--before frost, of course--and grow them indoors over the winter, to plant out next spring.

15 Jul, 2011


I had a Lantana that I bought in the UK, and managed to overwinter it last year and it grew new leaves in the spring, each stem is now about 15 inches long.

The way I did it was:

1) Kept the plant in a greenhouse.
2) Wrap bubble wrap around the pot.
3) Do not water, if watering use very little, scarcely.
4) Put a frost cover over the plant and leaves.

The plants leaves had fallen by springtime, and I pruned the plant stems down to about half of the size; and new leaves appeared as the weather improved and temperature increased.

At that point I watered it, and gave it some fertiliser.

It is still alive now and the main "trunk" has thickened.

I will be doing the same this Winter, and it will be in it's third year.

9 Oct, 2012

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