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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I went on holiday to Central London for a few days and got back yesterday and found that my purple petunias look like the picture below. It looks like we did not get any rain in my part of Outer London whilst I was away.

Are they too far gone, or will heavy watering bring them back.

Thanks in advance.

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Sadly I think its gone? but you could try soaking it, cutting all the dead out and giving it a feed and put it in light shade till recovered.

14 Jul, 2011


O.K, thanks for the answer. I will try that and hope it survives. If not, I may have to try and replant it.

14 Jul, 2011


If you are going to soak it it needs to drain also, have you got holes in the bucket

14 Jul, 2011


I've had them recover from a similar state. Water it well, and put it in the shade. I wouldn't cut it back until you can see what's dead. Come back several hours later and you may have a pleasant surprise. You may well lose those leaves and flowers but it may be able to grow more. Don't feed til it shows signs of recovery, and then only use a very dilute soluble feed - probably half strength.

For future plantings it would be a good idea to add water retaining gel crystals to compost in containers. They help plants enormously and reduce the number of waterings needed per week. I always mix them into the compost in the bottom half of containers - they work really well. And I use slow release fertilizer granules in the same way.

14 Jul, 2011


Drc726: Yes the bucket has holes in, it has good drainage.

Beattie: Thanks, I will wait and see what watering does, and see where I go from there.

Thanks for the advice you two.

14 Jul, 2011


Your welcome, annuals often do recover, I have gone on holiday and found similar and after a good soak they perk up again.

14 Jul, 2011


Just after I typed the comment above, I went out to water it and I have photographed what it looks like now and it has perked up a bit.

The first photo was taken yesterday afternoon. It shows how in less than 24 hours it is showing signs of recovery.

14 Jul, 2011


Thats great Alex

14 Jul, 2011


I thought the second photo was new. Just keep giving it some TLC & it looks as though it'll recover.

14 Jul, 2011


Just a word of advice, Alex - next time you go away in the summer, take down your wall planters, put them somewhere shady and stand them in a deep tray or bowl of water - either that or get someone to water daily for you. Rain or no rain, makes no difference, it won't water hanging pots.

14 Jul, 2011


Thank you Bamboo, and yes Beattie, it does look like it will recover.

I saw a few plants that were beyond saving and so I ripped them up (ground and pots) and replaced them with some other plants. I bought 3 cyclamen (thought they were autumn / fall plants) 1 gazania, 3 Gerberas, 1 white campanula (large flowered variety), Anemone "Honorine Jorbert" and a pink oriental lily "Love Story".

I will take pictures tomorrow of those in flower.

Also, I will be posting a few pics of the lilies that are in flower currently.

14 Jul, 2011


I've had some Cyclamen hederifolium in flower for a couple of weeks. They're quite confused and several weeks early.

14 Jul, 2011

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