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growing Lotus in the UK?


By Marge

West Yorkshire., United Kingdom

I have been reading books on Buddhism, they all mention the lotus flower. Could I grow it in the North of England?
Is it a water plant?

On plant Nelumbo nucifera



The Latin name for the sacred lotus is nelumbo nucifera. Unfortunately it is not hardy so growing it outside is not an option in the UK

16 Jan, 2009


Is it realted to the water lily Andrew? this is somthing i have always wondered,,,,you can get the dried version of the seed head, which can be lovely in flower arrangements,,if all else fails Marge.

16 Jan, 2009


Water Lily is nymphaea. They are completely different families majeek

16 Jan, 2009


thanks Andrew, always wondered that.

17 Jan, 2009


You can grow Nelumbo Nucifera in a pot in the UK, but the water needs to be heated to about 28C - I grew one from seed last year ( see photo on my site) and altho' it didn't flower, I hope it has survived the winter ready to start again this spring. Look at the website for Court d'Aron in France.

17 Jan, 2009


Hi Gray, thanks for the Info. Can I ask how you heated the water in the pot?

I suspect this may be too complicated for me, I may have to buy a miniture water lily and pretend it's a Lotus.

I will have a look at the French web site, I think I saw a piece about it on the T.V., it seems familiar.

I live on the border of South and West Yorkshire, so I am not so far away from you in Leicestershire (temperature wise, I mean).

I have looked at your photos, you have got some stunning plants. Well done!

17 Jan, 2009

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