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I really don't remember this being here in the summer. Maybe I thought it was part of the plant in front, they look similar. However this is now about 3' high with fuchsia type flowers and purple/black berries. I need to move it somewhere else and wonder what it is, and how big it might eventually be. I'm sure someone will know.




It's leycesteria formosa. It often turns up in a garden having self-sown from somewhere nearby. Will tolerate most conditions (but not extremes of wet or dry at the root). Can eventually reach six feet but some or all of the stems can be cut down in spring every few years if it's getting out of hand

16 Jan, 2009


Thanks Andrew for identifying it for me - despite only half a picture. A photographer I am not! I shall move it to somewhere more suitable.

16 Jan, 2009


Also known as Pheasant Berry. A most useful untroublesome plant and very attractive. Biggest drawback it seeds everywhere.

18 Jan, 2009

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