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Memorial tree advice


By Shan

United Kingdom Gb

I've recently lost a baby boy and would very much like to plant a tree in my garden to remember him by. I want a tree that is fairly sturdy (am not very green-fingered), and preferably something that blossoms in May or June. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, am guessing that now isn't the best time for planting things? If so, when should I plant it? Thank you for reading, any advice would be much appreciated.



I am so sorry for your loss,there are so many to choose from, it would be hard to choose to choose an individual one.
someone on this site will be better able to choose than me

16 Jan, 2009


Sorry to hear of your loss.
Planting a bare root tree should be done as soon as possible. It needs to be done before the sap starts rising and the buds develope.
Otherwise you'll need to go for a pot grown tree.
There are hundreds to choose from, so it really is a case of personal preference.
I planted a Sorbus in memory of my dog, blossom in Spring, colourful leaves in Autumn and berries all Winter.
Always best to go for something with more than one season of interest as blossom often only lasts for a few days.

16 Jan, 2009


What a lovely idea to celebrate this baby and I am sure the tree will give you comfort in years to come. One of my favourite trees for year round interest is acer griseum, beautiful bark and spectacular autumn colour. I also love prunus serrula. The bark is exceptional although the flowers are rather insignificant for a cherry. A good native tree is hawthorn and again is good all year round. Good luck with your choice.

16 Jan, 2009


Hi Shan. Sorry about your sad loss.

As everybody else says there are so many to choose from but to pick up on what Galanthophile has said I think you should look at Prunus. Flowering japanese cherries. Flowers late spring, early summer so that is the time you want the blossom.

There are many to choose from. My own which I have had for years is mid pink and profuse in it's flowers but if you Google 'Japanese flowering cherry' there are many to choose from with blossom from white to deep pink. Just find the one you like. But as Fleurdemai says it does want planting now and will probably not flower this year. Instant gardens never work.


16 Jan, 2009


Hi Shan - may I also add my condolences.

I was going to suggest an autumn flowering Prunus - but I see that you would like a tree that flowers in May/June. There are so many - it really depends on the size you'd like it to be when mature, and the colour of the flowers.

Have a browse through via our search box - or google to find lots of choices. Make sure you know whether your soil is acid or alkaline, though, as some trees are fussy about soil.

16 Jan, 2009


Hi Shan, I am so sorry, please accepts my sympathy and my thoughts.

There are so many lovely trees to choose from. Have you considered a fruit tree? There you would get flowers and be able to wait for it to fruit, giving you extra interest.

It would be nice to hear what you do choose. I hope you enjoy searching for that special tree. Love Marge.

16 Jan, 2009


Hello Shan. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Planting a tree to remember you son by is a lovely idea. I think I would go along with an ornamental flowering cherry or even a crabapple. Another favourite of mine is the dogwood (tree, not shrub) and there are some beautiful cultivars which grow to all different sizes. I'm not sure how accessible they are in England but if you can get them they usually flower in May with beautiful creamy blossoms. The foliage is usually red or orange in the fall and some cultivars have berries through winter.

Whatever you choose I hope it grows and florishes for you.

16 Jan, 2009


Hello Shan,
I know everyones heart goes out to you at this sad time. Please accept my condolences.
I was thinking perhaps of something blue for a boy, there are three blue trees, Blue Cedar, Blue Gum tree and Blue Willow. (Bat willow). This is only an idea to add to the other great ideas above.
My wife has just reminded me of her favourite shrub, Ceanothus a beautiful blue, also white Philadelphus.

16 Jan, 2009


My deepest sympathy with you Shan, you will be remebered in my prayers.

i saw a really lovely weeping cherry tree advertised in this months issue of gardeners world mag. really stunning and very delicate, and apparently a rare variety. there is a lovely picture of it but if you don't have access to this i will tell you how it is discribed,,,: The 'Ilford' weeping cherry almost extinct and extremely rare, possibly the most romantic gift in the world...creates a living waterfall of soft, shell-pink blossoms that cascade down weeping branches all spring long. there is a phone number and a web site address,,, 0845 4 689 689 it really is an amazing looking tree. would definately make a real statement, around the right time of year. i hope this helps. kind wishes Angie x

16 Jan, 2009


I also pass on my sympathy to you and your family on your loss. It's a lovely idea to plant something in memory of a loved one, every time you look at the plant you are reminded of the person it represents. Trees are a great idea, but make sure you have the space for the tree for when it is fully grown. No good planting an oak tree on your doorstep as they need room to grow.
I am afraid I'm not very intelligent when it comes to naming trees which would be suitable. Roses are a good way to remember someone and often you can get them with the same name as the person they represent.
I am currently looking out for one called 'Dawn' in memory of my late mother in law. She loved gardening too and it would be lovely to have her in the garden to chat to whilst I am pottering around.
I hope the future holds many happy memories for you when you plant and nurture your new tree x x

16 Jan, 2009


May I offer you my sincere condolances on the loss of your beloved baby son. I, too, will remember you and yours in my prayers. All the ideas already suggested are very good but I personally love a shrub called Spiraea. They come in all sorts of size and they all have year round interest - clouds of flowers in red or white (may be others I do not know about) and the foliage which is delicate changes colour several times. I think it is the loveliest shrub. Hugs......

16 Jan, 2009


I too send my sympathy Shan
there is so much choice. we have just lost my father-in-law and will be marking his passing by planting a few trees in our local woods. its a place we like to walk in. you could wait till may/june and visit your local garden centre to choose what looks nice to you. just remember to read the lables to make sure its sutable for where you want to plant it.

17 Jan, 2009


i am very sorry for your loss,

i am currently trying to do the same thing for my grandad who recently passed away, we have decided on the iford cherry tree. its very beautiful, not too big but quite rare.

good luck with everything x

29 Apr, 2009

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