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Money Plant Unwell


By Ellen

United Kingdom Gb

I have a money plant which i keep on my balcony. In the recent frost it became unwell. It has wilted badly, not lost leaves but stems and leaves feel very solt. Does anyone know a remidy to save it. It is 18 inches high, quite a large plant and i am very fond of it and would hate to lose it. Thank you.



If you mean Crassula ovata I'm afraid you may have lost it. they wont tolerate frost. try cutting it back a little and keep it frost free.I left mine outside and its now a mushy twig. I hope you have better luck.

15 Jan, 2009


I was careless this winter too with crassula and now have three wilted plants. That said, I thought I had lost one another year, and it came up from the base in the spring, so it could be worth hanging onto for a while if you have the space.

15 Jan, 2009


My Crassula Argentina has suffered the same fate. In previous years it has survived with frosted imbs falling off at the joints. This year I forgot to bring it in but I am still hoping that it will regenerate from the main stem.

16 Jan, 2009


lots of mine have gone limp from the frosts too. feel the stems, chop off any that feel soft and mushy and bring it in. it might look drastic but if you remove all the soft stuff it should recover.

17 Jan, 2009

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