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Pruning Lavander Plants

I bought two Lavandula Dendata Lavander plants and grew them in two pots in my garden last summer. They grew well although they were rather late in flowering.

Unfortunately I neglected to prune them at the beginning of Autumn and they still have rather long stems which are rather weather worn now.

Is there anything I can do now in terms of cutting them back or preparing them for the new growth.

Thanks for your advice.




Hi Bill, welcome to GOY, the general advice with lavender is to remove dead flower stems same time of year that the kids go back, (september) - i think the main reason for this is because traditionally the flowers would be harvested this time of year, they are used in all sorts as dried flowers. Then prune into shape early spring. but be careful you must never cut into old wood. i have herd that lots of people just prune during autumn others just prune in spring, so i think you will be fine to give a hair cut, in the next few weeks. i would proberly wait until the weather warms up a little though. hope this helps

16 Jan, 2009


I cut the flowers off in September and give them away and then prune in spring as Maj. says. Never any problems.


16 Jan, 2009


lol - am i right in thinking you are actually agreeing with me John?

16 Jan, 2009


I prune back as tightly as I dare to the old wood to maintain shape but in the summer as soon as the flowers look a bit too worn.

16 Jan, 2009

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