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I have Bachelor buttons. They are done blooming. Should I cut them back alittle and then will re-bloom? Or should I cut them all the way back and plant another perenial and let the other plants bloom the rest of the summer. It's a long area all along the side of my house. Lots of morning sun.



When you say Batchelors buttons there are several plants which are given that name.Can you post a photograph or give the latin name?

9 Jul, 2011


I cannot give photo. Long green stems with mulitple little buds in bright purple that bloom all day then close up at night.

9 Jul, 2011


I think you have Centauria cyanus. You can dead head them to encourage further flowering or leave some heads to dry and self seed and the third option is pick the flowers as they open and tie them in a bunch, hang them in a dry place and the resulting dried flowers will last a long time in an arrangement with other dried flowers or on their own. We call these cornflowers and they come in white and pink as well as dark maroon. They are actually an annual which have maybe self seeded in your garden.

9 Jul, 2011


I was thinking cornflowers as in the US they call them Bachelor Buttons (Centauria cyanus).

9 Jul, 2011

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