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Plants ID'S

I was hoping i could pick a few brains tonight please and hopefully solve a few mystery plants :)

picture 3 - these seedlings have popped up everywhere.
are they weeds? lol i think the only plant near this area were poppies.



Are you asking what they are? I think the seedlings in no 3 are forget- me- not.

No 1 is Nicotiana

Don't know no. 2

7 Jul, 2011


Top - tobacco plant, Nicotina, garden flower
Middle - annual willow herb, weed
Bottom - not sure

7 Jul, 2011


1 Nicotiana 2 not sure 3 Forget me not. Yes they do seed themselves freely .Sounds like you will have lots of pretty blue areas next spring

7 Jul, 2011


#1 is definitely a Nicotiana, but I've never seen one that lovely purple!

8 Jul, 2011

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