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Slug Patrol!!!!
Not a gardening question but I am sure some of you would like a giggle at my first attempt at night time slug collecting.
Came home from work this morning at 2.30am....thought I would have my first attempt at slug gathering under torchlight.
Wandering about the garden for almost 1 hour with torch, bucket and kitchen tongs in hand (I can't bear my hands being anywhere near them) I heard some voices, imagine my complete surprise when I stood up and found 2 police officers standing in the garden with me!!!
A neighbour spotted the torchlight and thought it was someone up to no good and called the police!!
How embarrassed was I :))))))



LOL! Perhaps your neighbour should have been a tad embarassed as well. Don't they recognise you, or does your torch have a pencil-wide beam?

7 Jul, 2011


Hehehehe, reminds me of the Jasper Carrot sketch "the mole", just without the big gun.

Did you manage to get many slugs?

7 Jul, 2011


Hi Scottish,

I have found that 9pm is a good time - seem to catch loads after rain at that time. I have been catching about 12 a night, but they are getting fewer and less damage is happening to my plants. Can never find the one eating my Dahlias though.

7 Jul, 2011


Beattie, they wouldn't say who it was so I am unsure which one. I have spoken with all my immediate neighbours and it wasn't them. Maybe just someone up and about for a pee and they caught a glimps of me. I was all crouched down near the decking which is near the shed so that could be the reason they phoned. It is quite a narrow beam one of those magnalight thingys. I should have left the security light on, maybe then I would have been recognised :)
Sam...I got far too many!!!! I've been putting beer traps out all day and slug pellets out under saucers. Used up the last of my son's beer! Will need to replace now :)

7 Jul, 2011


Thanks for the tip kildermore, I Start work at 7.45pm so am unable to do this during the week. Hence I thought a good time was when I come home in the morning.
I found a gigantic slug right in the emerging flower head of my cardoon this afternoon. That got severe capital punishment for having the gaul to be there!!!!
12 a night Kildermore, I think I could do 12 a minute :))

7 Jul, 2011


"Officer! Arrest those intestate molluscs!!

8 Jul, 2011


Good for you, risking arrest etc for the sake of your beloved plants, brilliant, lol.

8 Jul, 2011


One of the police officers was going to tell his wife when he got home as she was always complaining about the at least it wasn't a wasted trip :)

8 Jul, 2011


Yikes that many, perhaps you need a hedgehog (or at least I think they like slugs and snails). We used to have what seemed like the M6 for slugs and snails through the middle of our garden years ago. Seem to have vanished though now (not much in our garden to munch on at the moment).

I will always remember my cousin slug catching in my nans garden when he was about 7. He and my brother had been sent out when it stopped raining to collect the slugs and snails. My brother quite sensibly came back for the trowel to get the slugs with. My cousin however picked them up with his bare hands, made a really funny "iky" face, dropped it in the bucket and shook his hand in the air. Wish we'd had a video camera it was so funny.

8 Jul, 2011


There is always a clever one samjp, and your brother was it!!!!

9 Jul, 2011

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