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Can english box hedge be uprooted and replanted elsewhere.

melbourne, Australia Au

I have english box which will be approx 8-10 years old i was wondering if this can be uprooted and replanted elsewhere.??
It will be approx 12-15 inches in height.

On plant buxus sempervirens



i moved some yeears ago and it survived. dont do it in real cold or real heat. trim back before u start. and water well when finished. sandra

3 Jan, 2009


as a general rule of thum the more soil you can keep on the roots the better.plants are doorment now but not while its freezing as sandra sais

3 Jan, 2009


Oops Leigh, He/she is in Australia.

3 Jan, 2009


oops lol i still think the root part is right generaly sorry i didnt mean to confuse you

3 Jan, 2009

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