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Buxus Browning(Bronzing)


By Wighter

United Kingdom Gb

I have a small three year old Box hedge forming a circle in my front garden which has started to have fair size areas of bronzing or browning leaves. The leaves don't appear to be falling off. What should I feed the hedge with to bring the colour back ?

On plant Buxus sempervirens



Are the roots exposed? if so mulch to cover all the roots. Dress close to the root area with Epson salts now and then again in March.

15 Oct, 2008


Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem with my box trees, thanks so much, I'll give your suggestion a try.

15 Oct, 2008


As well as Dr.Bobs advice. Give it a light feed of Growmore next Spring . The browning is really a protective device by the trees to harden the foliage against adversity.

15 Oct, 2008


mine have a few brown patches. i'm blaming the dogs.....they have been known to cock their legs in its direction...

16 Oct, 2008


My buxus plants are in containers only one of them has failed in ten [see my post please and advise] bought from my local super market now 3 months ago, bronzing, pinky undersides of leaves, very crisp leaves and an altogether sickly looking plant. AL

1 May, 2013

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